Q: Is nudity legal at Crystal Crescent beach?

A: In 2001, four individuals were arrested for being nude at the beach. Prosecution required the consent of the provincial director of public prosecutions. Read his statement below.


"Following a careful study of the facts and policies of the other jurisdictions dealing with this issue, I've declined to grant consent to prosecute, "Mr. Herschorn said. "Citizens should not face a criminal conviction for conduct of this type without aggravating factors, such as aggressive exhibitionism, or lewd or indecent acts. According to the police investigation, none of these aggravating factors were present." Martin Herschorn, N.S. Director of Public Prosecutions, October 25, 2001


Q: Who uses the beach?

A: Anyone. It is a public beach that has been used by naturists for decades. It is well known and well used. All are welcome as long as they respect the rights of others.


Q: What happens on a nude beach?

A: The same things that happen on any other beach - normal people engaged in doing normal beach things, except people are nude.

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