History of Naturism

Naturist groups are active around the world, as individual as the places they inhabit. The hardiness of early naturism (no smoking or drinking, vegetarianism, and compulsory calisthenics) gave way to the somewhat freer way of being in the late 20th century. Social naturism first appeared in Canada about 1939. The first Canadian naturists were mostly immigrants from Europe who had gained experience with the naturism that had started there about 1900. Acceptance and interest in naturism has grown considerably. The Federation Of Canadian Naturists (FCN) has contributed much to this interest by being a ready source of information to the media, participating in presentations, holding seminars, and presenting naturism to the public at health fairs. The FCN exists to do all this work as a nationally incorporated, fully autonomous, Canadian non-profit organization, with directors and staff ready to openly discuss all aspects of naturism. The FCN has greatly added to the credibility and public acceptance of naturism and the interest of the media.